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Our Mission

Our mission is holistic development of our underprivileged children, youth, women and the community through education, medical care, awareness program and capacity building. We are on a mission to uplift women and children from downtrodden society. We envision to empower children with with education and help them to to have good health through food and medication and help women to come out from poverty through teaching some skills and training like tailoring, craft work etc.

We believe that community participation is an essential part of the process of good local governance.

We are committed to promote full and equal access to social services.

Our Vision

We envision seeing lives of the women, children and the community transformed. Community be educated in all social aspects and become responsible citizens of the Nation. Ultimately, our objective is to help individual and communities to be self supportive within limited span of time.Our vision is that all Palestinian women become self-sustaining and remain well recognized in their community, well respected and truly empowered. We will also seeks to continue our role as advocate of women's rights.

We are committed to promote gender equality and empower women and girls.

Removing any barriers that prevent full participation of women and girls in the public and political life.

We’re trusted by Uttar Pradesh Government

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